Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Tale of The Very, Very Long Onion.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy from a land far, far away who came to be in a Kingdom by a Pool. In his home it snowed most of the time and they ate a lot potatoes. The little boy had Sharp Liquid Blue Eyes and Deep, Deep thoughts. His eyes were blue like the water and his thoughts were deep like the days. He noticed and he puzzled and he asked. And sometimes, no one knows why, but he sang! His two most favourite things in the world were swimming all day and eating soft, white yoghurty cheese. He was a dolphin boy and he laughed in the pale blue water. He played guitar, slowly like a lullaby, and he liked his cucumbers dipped in honey. Sticky sweet slices of cool cucumber honey. He wasn't like the other children at all.

He was different, unalike, unusual. He was young but he was old, he was happy and he was serious. And all at once. The dolphin boy was tall and he was skinny. He had a fake spider tattoo on his heart and long blue flippers on his little boy feet - so his could swim far and fast, and up and down, and under and over - all day long. He was special and he was kind, the dolphin boy, and his grandmother loved him very, very much. They all loved him very, very much. Maybe it was because he was so different and special. Different and special like a long, purple onion.

A long purple onion! Most onions are round and stout, low and rolling. But not a long purple onion. It's long and purple and oniony. You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but there are long purple onions and they are wonderful.

So wonderful and so familiar and so different, and...

So beautiful! Long purple onions are pretty. They look good this way,

and this way,

and also like this. But they look even better roasting with some honey seeded mustard, potatoes and chicken in an oven in provence. Did you ever see a long purple onion? Did you know they were real?

Long purple onions, different, and wonderful. Just like the little boy. Maybe if we knew we were like long purple onions we would always feel special and different and delicious and we could stop trying to be like all the other round onions out there.

Meeting the dolphin boy and eating long purple onions meant that every body lived happily ever after in the Kingdom by a pool. The summer never ended and the sun forgot to set in the sky because they were all so happy. It stayed there - the sun, smiling as it watched from the sky, over a day that it knew would eventually become a lifetime.

The End.

Special x's to Risha.

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