Monday, August 10, 2009

The Nanotechnologist in the Kitchen.

Look, I don't care if you believe me or not, but I loved him way before I ever knew he could cook - and cook he can! Dan loves good food, good real food, simple beauty. He can make otherwise basic things like steaming plates of pasta and fresh piled ham and cheese filled sandwiches seem like amazing moments of earthly existence that you never fully mouth-tenanced before. One of the best things about eating with him is the way he looks up and beams at you after the first mouthful of something truly yummy that he's whipped up. He nods vigorously, looks at you with wide, pleased eyes and manages to positively beam through a full, chewing mouth. I could bet my whole cash management account on the fact that, in those few quiet moments, he is nowhere else in the whole world, his mind is free of everything but tasting and enjoying. He's been Cooking-Good-Lookin his butt off lately, with some phenomenal results. Lying in bed while someone you love makes bowl after bowl of amazing weekend food is great for your tum and awful for your bum. Still, the experience last weekend of being cooked for for three days straight out-Tetsuya'ed Tetsuya for me, honest to goodness. With hands so free, all that was left to do was push the button on the SLR, bring the fork to mouth, and thank my lucky stars...

One of the greatest things about eating with a guy is remembering how to eat like a guy. Carbsternation goes quiveringly and quickly out the nearest window and it's all big serves and soupy mouthfuls and sopping it all up with bread afterwards. Sweet respite! If you pay attention to the things I write, and let's face it, who does? You'll know the man is batty about bolognaise, and he makes a damn mean one. This is a gluten free version he put together, gluten free pasta isn't quite as texture perfect at the real deal, but some concessions to digestion are a bit of a must for me. This dish, Spaghetti Boyonaise, is pure Italian-French-Kiss! Dan slowly browned a couple of onions in some heady olive oil with a little pepper, adding beef mince and a bay leaf to some canned tomatoes, it was all allowed to brown a little before being dutifully doused in some beef stock. On a low, low heat the stock is allowed to reduce over 2 hours, and the final meaty, tomato SpicedSauceBroth does a bit of a mama mia all over your taste buds. It rains CreamySharp parmesan and roughly chopped parsley all over your bowl, and then it simply becomes an offer you can't refuse. So good! Warm and peppery with the deepest, gentlest beef taste. I had an awful time deciding whether this, or the next contestant, was my perfect match...

I am going to christen thee Noah's Ark Soup. I can't convey the taste in pictures, but Jesus, Joseph and Mary!!! This is the best soup I have had in years, I can't think of another one I have enjoyed nearly as much. Why Noah's? Well it's simple, in some warmed olive oil and a tipsy knob or two of organic butter, they came to Dan two by two by two. 2 roughly chopped carrots and 2 parboiled potatoes added to 2 brown onions, lots of pepper and sea salt. The secret? Dan used the remnants of a roast chicken from the night before to make his own stultifying stock. He reduced it over and over again for hours, the chicken bones with half an onion and some vegetabley bits and pieces, and a bay leaf to boot (bay leaves are the Paris Hilton of the seasoning-spice world, you just add them into the mix for good measure even though you've never really quite sure what they do). The stock was unbelievable, it absolutely haunted to luscious DeepFlavourOblivion all of the onion, carrot and potato. The butter sang out in a gentle warm creaminess and the softness of the potato mixed with the slightly more solid carrot made it so gentle and dreamy to sip and bite into. A flash of serial-killer-slashed basil, loads of cracked pepper and some grated parmesan...Holy Shit. Satisfying, warming, light, dancing, SweetDeepRich chicken infused insanity. I'm talking, Push it into your mouth salt n pepa Soup Shoop. What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man (I try and get all my singing done on this blog, cause no one lets me do it in real life).

That was the little bowl of gluten free lazy mac and cheese with loads of pepper, salt, flaked parmesan and lashings of olive oil and a little organic butter. The texture of this oily, buttered pasta with only the salt and pepper and cheese to distract you is absolute heaven. You have slightly oily lips after eating a dish like this, it's one of my favourite foodie post mortems to sit there and reminisce about the slippery, wonderfully plain texture. So scrumptious. That's more pasta that I have eaten in 2 days than I have probably had this last year. But thank Dan for that.

A beautiful crunchy, flamed fresh sourdough baguette with smearings of butter was the perfect accomplice on most of these foodie joy rides. It was dipped into soup, eaten with cheese, used to mop up the remnants of the bolognaise. I hope no starving children have the internet, it'd be too cruel, eh.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Token Blog Shot. Very sweet and luscious cells of scarlet grapefruited SweetTartness. They're definitely good to go if you see them in store. They're a great brekkie for when you've been eating as per above and not moving further than the distance between any good kitchen and a couch.

And the man behind the magic: He always tells me I am lucky to have him as a boyfriend, and with kitchen Macguyver Moves like that and endless hugs, who am I to disagree? The Sufi poet Rumi said love is to 'fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life, Finally, to take a step without feet'. I have no idea what that last bit means, but it sounds like it involves getting up from the couch?

Thankyou Mr Goldstein, for it all x


Katie said...

This is too cute, I don't even know where to start! I was going to say that you are so very lucky, but then Dan gets to hang out with you while he prepares and devours all this great food, so he's super lucky too! Also, Y was always obsessed with bolognese, and claimed he had the best recipe...Maybe he stole Danny's! And lastly, can you two please move to San Francisco? And maybe invite me to dinner? :)

amanda said...

heh. yonis is a half lamb half pork job, we havent tried it yet but i remember him raving about it. i am completely willing to move to SF, dan is very happy about the girl crush and is willing to join me!

spice and more said...

Try the San Remo gluten free range available in coles, woolies, etc. It is the best gf pasta I have found (apart from ridiculously expensive ones from simon johnson which are also up there in 'close to real' pasta stakes).
This looks yummy and you are lucky to have all this cooked for you!

amanda said...

thanks spice, theres a good brand i also tried from the whole foods house, its an amaranth and rice penne or spaghetti, the brand is called Olive Green Organics. this one has a bit more protein than the others which are usually white rice/other starches. are you normally gluten free?