Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suveran: The Sequel.

Being a Food Blogger (that's right, capital f, capital b, thankyouverymuch) can be both a sad and a sorry affair, a sordid one too. In the comfort of your own homes and from your laptops in illustrious libraries and cosy cafes, what you witness is the finished product: the food, the friends, the flavours, the glamour, the good times. You think it's a piece of proverbial cake, don't you? Alas. What you don't experience is the almost Homeric pathos that dwells above our full and privileged bellies in the little, lonely confines of our lost and yearning hearts. Blogging isn't just about perfecting your photography while trying amazing food and discussing it with quirky people, it's also a numbers game: you wanted to be liked, you want to be loved, you want to be read.

So it then becomes a matter of waiting and of watching: to see who logs on, when they log on, why they log on, what they log on for. My site/stalkmeter tells me that many of you hungry, far away, wistful somebodies actually find me by googling 'suveran', and, far be it from me to disregard that most hallowed, most American of traditions, Giving The People What They Want. So, here it is, Amanda, the panderer... of your every organic whim and gluten free desire is here to answer the prayer that has as not yet formed on your unknowing lips, Cake + Knifelings, you have (not quite) asked for, and I have humbly given: Suveran, The Sequel. I'll try and make it much more Godfather II than Grease II, but no pressure, eh.

Have you honestly seen better looking produce, people? This is a bit of a Biodynamic Victoria's Secret Supermodel line up, gobsmacking greens, gorgeous grapes, for the Romans, and the Romans at Mouth. Look at those apples, so luscious and scarlet and with all of those telling markings that denote an authentic fruit. Yes, Suveran has moved onwards and upwards and horizontally - another outlet a few doors down is a boutique little produce shop. Biodynamically and organically grown fruit and vegetables in vivid, vibrant colour adorn the shelves and crates at the Suveran produce store. 

The range is impressive, where else are you going to find a glowing tomato rocking it out next to some biodynamic Lebanese eggplant? Pete has selectively sourced growers from fertile little nooks of NSW (such as Orange), to supply fruit and veges so nutrient dense and attractive that Monet himself would have questioned his ability to capture their beauty and brilliance in Oil. This shop has a beautiful, clean, pure feel to it. All of the produce looks ridiculously fresh, compare the dazzling colours here to what you're usually served in any given Supermarket and some idea of the level of quality should start to hit home.

The divine Marbrook Farm Yoghurt is stocked, this handmade boutique yoghurt is little short of an oral cataclysm of good taste. The Bush Honey version is one of my favourite products of all time. No milk solids are used, which makes a purer, more digestible product, the thickness of which comes from their method of hand processing. Taste this stuff and you'll know why Hindu's think Cows divine. A discerning selection of beautiful cheeses and clean, pure milks are an open invitation to revolutionize the way you do toast and tea. This is clean dairy, and dairy, like the Cross after 10pm, has the inherent potential to be more than a tad bit skanky. If you're a dairy queen then, these will be your most loyal and least mucus-inducing subjects. Always pay attention to cheese, milk, butter, the quality makes so, so much difference. 

Herbs and Spices and Cocoa Beans and other gorgeous and exotic things to bake sprinkle roast and flavour with come in bountiful brown paper packages. Don't shy away from something you haven't heard of or tried before, there's a lot to play with here. And rest assured, everything on the shelves looks fresh, both shops have a high turn over, even the spices have a deep, intense colour that declares their freshness and potency. If you enjoy market shopping, this is a good mid-week fix, much more curious and rewarding than shopping from your standard grocer.

A few doors up, back at Operation Mothership, it's still a weird and wonderful kitchen these guys are rocking. Pete whipped up this quirky pancake for me to try. Another sprouted creation with currents, fresh young coconut and seeds, it has a gingerlicious twist to it and was a beautiful, spicy treat for a hungry girl on a cold Sydney morning. Gluten free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free, Tap Water Free, Nightshade free and actually free (ie. I didn't have to pay for it). It's flavour is reminiscent of the wonderful nice in spice twist and sprout porridge that happens when currents nuts seeds fresh young coconut water and coconut meat cinnamon maca licorice root and ginger all get together and do their crazy thing. Kellogs, who? Even if that's not how you make porridge, it rocks all the splendid same.

The Crepes remain a crowd pleaser, these wraps are made with sprouted quinoa and buckwheat and you decide whether you want them filled with vegetables, lamb, chicken or marinated sardines. Go figure. Their zipply little sidekick is some tabouli with apple cider, vinegar and lemon. You can even order a half serve (not a bad idea for small eaters, these things are huge).

Stew on it. Hard. Stew. Stew. Stew. Stewart Not So Little. Check that stuff out. Mother Theresa after quadruple bypass surgery couldn't be heartier than that! Deep, nutrient rich full of coconut oil, lashings of organic veges and you can add lamb, chicken or sardines to it, for a bit of protein power. This is serious stuff, full of fiber and herbs, it'll give you pollyanna cheeks and keep you warm and full all day, and with an appetite like mine, that's saying something.

The sprouted bread (the recipe for which is in the original Suveran piece), is still a slice of heaven for coeliacs and gluten haters alike. You can buy it fresh from the fridge or get it toasted with some stew. If you like a rich, moorish hit, try it with some coconut oil and avocado or nutspread. It's a dense, filling, chewy, bread with flecks of crunchy seeds throughout, unlike other gluten free breads, it isn't a texture pushover and is beautiful to sink your teeth into. If you have had brown rice bread, you know the flaccid gluten free guck that most coeliacs have to call bread.

Pizzas, Pies, Salads, Burgers, and all good for you. It's a world gone mad. It's interesting to watch how the clientele has evolved from your usual hippies to lots of Bondi Junction Bunnies and mothers and local suits. People usually head here straight from the gym to get a meal that isn't going to ruin a decent workout. I really hope those of you who aren't used to eating in this way don't find this type of set up too exclusive or intimidating to check out. Even if you've never heard of Buckwheat and you think Quinoa is a small state in South America, come and see if you like the flavours, you don't have to know what's going on under it all or why it's good for you. I really care about eating well and letting other people know that it's never too interested to learn about how to or why you should. Understanding the qualities of food and how it can change the way you think and function is empowering stuff. Jesus! It was just this once, I promise I won't go all sentimental on you again.

Is all of this talk making you thirsty? You can even drink fresh young coconuts straight from the fridge, they'll hack them up for you and plonk a straw in and Bob's your uncle. It's an instant $3 nutrient rich hydrator, why are you still Diet Coking? Herbal teas are also up for grabs, they can be whipped up with coconut water and are good for cleansing and energising frustrated Bondi Junction Parkers. Smoothies can be coconut based or goats milk based, they contain magnesium and maca, and will make a Bob Marley Nervous System out of one that was formerly Punk Rock.

Fudgey Wudgey, we meet again. [censored].....smoother than they used to be, it's like heaven undergoing renovations to install an extra level and a hot tub. Jesus. Fricking. Christ.

Veggie Patties.
and.......a Crepe Action Shot.
I am exhausted. Just to make sure we understand ourselves, all of Suveran's food is: sprouted (that's good), dairy free, flour free, gluten free, wheat free, egg free, legume free, tap water and nightshade free. The deadly nightshades aren't a Penrith Biker Gang, that's the botanic name given to tomato, eggplant and potato, highly acidic foods which compromise sensitive systems. It's not just what they've taken out, they've put in magnesium (in which Australian soil is notoriously low), maca (food for the pituitary), good veges, clean meats, medicinal herbs and spices. And they make it all fresh as you order for about the price of a Big Mac Value Meal, minus the delayed onset of morbid obseity.

Still at 244 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. The website is here

Suveran, so dynamic and alive it makes most other food look about as real as Michael Jackon's epidermis. If that didn't kill the sense of salivation I was slowly building, then Get Thee to The Junction, it's like yoga for your taste buds!


erin said...

soooo much better than Grease II

George said...

Amanda, as always the writing is both amusing and inspiring, but I really wanted to comment on the photography! I'm amazed that you've mastered both portraiture and such beautiful still-lifes, like the ones in this post. I love how expressive the portraits you post are; I particularly enjoyed the photo of the French couple, hilarious and so communicative. But your still life shots here are just stunning, I want to blow them up and hang them on my wall! Beautiful.

Katie said...

I love how your own personal style comes through in every line! Your blog totally makes me want to move to Australia just to cook all day and lie on the beach.

amanda said...

thanks lovely people x