Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free at Last! (aka Suveran at The Junction)...

Okay...Stiff Upper Lip. We don't need to make a scene about it. I missed you too. Our time away has taught me not to take you for granted, I was afraid to commit (to a solid, sturdy, bountiful internet service provider). Our painful respite has allowed the knowledge to dawn upon me that this fear of commitment was really holding back our relationship. One month i'm there, the next month i'm not. We have trust issues, you and I... Find it in your heart to give me a second chance, I have changed. Really, I mean it. I have changed (to a server that offers all the gigabytes money can buy)...Jesus Christ!!!

I am SO glad to be Back with a Big Bloody Beautiful B! - And what a fortunate happening that our reconnection has been so timely, something internal was going to irreparably rupture if I had to hold this piece back for another day. I am going to tell you, in a chocolately warm whisper, about a little, quiet, almost
clandestine operation called Suveran in Sydney's Bondi Junction, and I am going to tell you why it puts the "AAAAH" back into Health Naaaahzi. Making up never tasted so sweet...

Suveran is seriously good food, but where it differs from most other cuisine is that it is an entirely liberated cuisine. Liberated, you say? Right on, it's: Free From Soy, Free From Dairy, Free From Gluten, Free From Flour, Free From Yeast, and [insert imaginary drum roll] FREE FROM SUGAR! You had a bowel movement just from all that sudden excitement, didn't you! Yes, I am very proud to present this most unique foray into the Sydney Dining Frontier, so decidedly delicious and so good for you that if your gastrointestinal tract does not subsequently form the spontaneous ability to produce human speech which it then uses to decorously lavish verbose lashings of gratitude upon you as a result of the favour you've done it, then it really is a rather shitty old thing. Now, I pride myself on going above and beyond the call of duty, eating here and telling you about the food was not enough, so, I enlisted a couple of hungry buddies and enrolled for the three hour thirty dollar cooking class, and, on a Sweltering Sydney Saturday Afternoon, admist other salivating foodies, this is how it went down...

That's Clare: Frank, Funny and Full of slightly irreverent social musings, what's not to like! Clare doesn't really do Hippie food, she's a proud yuppie who likes the finer things in life. Much more Cristal-and-caviar-on-pointy-toasts than she is a lentil pattie on gluten free rice bread kind of gal. Going on the principle that it's far better to preach to the unconverted, I figured if this place was able to do it for Clare, then it'll definitely do it for the rest of you. Now, Suveran is right opposite the well known Macro store on Oxford Street, that said, it took me a few minutes to locate the very unassuming shop front which is like a wall between two entirely different modes of time:

Outside, fast-paced-parking-inspector-induced-eastern-suburbs-grind-hell Inside, easy-breezy-but-not-at-all-cheesey-any-thing-goes-you-know. This is the exact kind of place The Fonz would have walked into, looked around and paused inside of, before exclaiming with approved abandon, a deep and drawn out: "Ehhhhhh". It's very cool, very laid back, very lounge around and have a read about why acidic food is bad for you while you sip some herbal tea type thing. Equal part Fonz,
and equal part Richard Cunnigham: In fact, the food is so wholesome Mrs C won't have to worry about you getting all your vitamins from her pork chops with applesauce. All the seeds used here, such a Buckwheat and Quinoa (red and white) are sprouted before they're allowed to feature in luscious bread, gorgeous pies, pizzas, crepes and burgers.

That's a sexpot of a loaf of About To Be Baked Suveran Bread. It contains coconut, magnesium, neem, licorice, seeds and sprouted Buckwheat, Millet and Quinoa, three beautiful alternatives to Evil Lord Wheat. Sprouting is basically a process of dunking some (preferably spring) water on top of some seeds/grains/nuts and leaving them to sit for a while in a glass, time depending upon temperature, until the germination process starts to unfurl within them (usually about 5 to 6 hours later). Heat is produced as the seeds become active, you can move them around a little with your keen paws to keep it all a-kickin. This process is so simple anyone from the cast of The Hills could perform it, unaided. The benefit to you is a more nutritional, easily digestible food which won't be so enzymatically depleting. Now, most of the guys who I know read this are not ones for overly giving a stuff about the dynamism of their alimentary canals, but keep an open mind, fellas, sprouting creates delicious textures, tastes and new baking and non-baking possibilities that could leave you so sprightly that erectile dysfunction will be a thing of your sordid, sorry past!

While the rest of us have been over-working, over-consuming and generally wearing away any of the remaining luster from our flailing, God-foresaken souls, the smarties at Suveran have been concocting: Ze Mix. The Mix is like long legs or a big bank account, it gets you very far and can be used in so many different ways. Slight adaptations of the mix create the Suveran bread, their crepes, their pizza, their pie crust, and even a delectable raw porridge. "Tell me more, tell me more". This mix is a sprouted nutrient powerhouse, it contains macca (a hormone regulator that acts as a precursor to the pituitary gland - which is basically, along with with Signor Hypothalamus, the Lord of your hormone feudal system), magnesium chloride (for the nervous system), bi carb of soda (for moving things along), himalayan salt (nothing from the himalayas except climbing them is bad for you), coconut oil (the magical metaboliser) and the sprouted seeds. Jesus, And you're still having vegemite on Tip Top fluffy white, what am I going to do with you lot...

The folks at the Suveran are all about sharing and all about the love, so here's The Mix, Straight Up, let's call it....

God In The Food Processor
(NB: all measurements are rough, these dudes are very intuitive cookers, a Litre Cup is used throughout, so measurements are based on that, also Breville Seconds is a great recommended shop in Ultimo for those of you not in possession of a processor, they're new machines for about half the price that come in a damaged box! All ingredients are for sale at Suveran, so don't go on a Wild Goose Chase also, Pete says it's important put love in the food, cook with care and gratitude for the ingredients, if you're running a little low on the old love, redistribute it from friends and family into the buckwheat, eh).
About 1/2 L Clean H2O
3/4 L Sprouted Buckwheat
1/2 Tbspn Neem Powder (The Indian medicinal powder that'll make you party like it's 1999, Bollywood Style!)
1/2 Tbspn Macca Powder (Macca makes this a Hormone Happy Meal)
1 Tbspn Bi Carb Soda
1 Tbspn Himalayan Salt
4 Tbspn Slightly Refined Coconut Oil (Pure oil is too coconutty and dominates the flavour if used)
1/3 L sprouted Millet (good for chewiness)
1.5 L Red/White Quinoa

Turn Food Processor on (some times I honestly don't know with you guys), and let it do it's thing, don't mix this in too finely, too fine a mix creates too dense and heavy a loaf, the coarseness of the seeds also lends a great texture to the finished products. If the mix is too wet, some coconut flour can be added in cautious increments to dry it out. Bread will take about an hour in a lined tin, to bake in a 150-180 oven, you can paint some coconut oil on half way through the cooking process. For a pie, use the mix in an oiled pie tin to form the mould, add cooked veges/meat/whatever as the filling and top with some more mix which you can arrange dome style with the aid of a spoon. For a divine gluten free pizza, throw some garlic, oregano, sage, onion, lemon myrtle and little more bi carb to the base, load with topping and drizzle on some more mix to vary the texture. Crepes need a more watery, coconut oily, bicarby mix for fluff and volume.

Good for you, dense, of nutty aroma and wholesomely warm. Seriously guys, for those of you who have never baked a loaf (that includes me), what better way to go about it. They sell slices and slices of this great stuff every day. The pies are particularly good, eat them in house and then try making them at home, you wont be disappointed. It's a wickedly crusty crust, with a moorishness and depth to it that perfectly frames some beautiful roast lamb or veges.

That kinky looking thing there is raw Cocoa Butter. Jesus Christ. I had to stop myself from getting in the bowl with it and having open slather ensue. The Gluten free, Sugar free, Dairy Free, Soy free 'chocolate' that they sell in this shop is honestly satisfying enough to replace sex, good music, family, friends and classic novels in my life irrevocably and forever (Danny, Darling, look up: 'hyperbole'). My favourite Chocolatey Suveran Thing is the Fudgey Wudgey. It is like speeding in a Black Ferrari down a German Freeway while bitching about Celine Dion, so good it should be illegal. When ever I eat one of these things I am looking over my shoulder the whole time. Now, you guys know I am extremely sensitive to sugar, this is the first sweet treat I have enjoyed in years that left me feeling fine a few hours later, energized, in fact. I did make the mistake of having two medium sized ones the day after, a bith much, Go-Go Gadget Glutton!

If you're idea of a Choco Fix is still of the Genus Snickers, Check this out: coconut oil, coco butter, currants, neem, cinnamon, liquorice root, macca, magnesium, fresh young coconut water, carob powder, cocoa powder and some black strap molasses all rock it out in this sexy-dense-deranging concoction. So luscious. Like frozen little slabs of Bridgette Bardot (then, not now). Is it just me, or does black strap molasses make you gigggle when you hear it said? Sound like something reminiscent of bondage, eh? Well, if that's the case, this stuff could tie me up any day and have its chocolately, fudgey wudgey way with me. Raw chocolate, full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and exotic herbs and minerals, tell me the secret of your ways....

The Devil In The Blender:
1/4 of a cup of Coconut Oil
2 Big Handfuls of Cocoa Butter
1 to 1 1/2 Handfuls of Currants
1/2 Tbspn Neem
Then Add:
2 tbspns Cinnamon (optional)
2 tbspns Liquorice Root
1/2 tbspn Macca
1/2 tbspn Magnesium
Water of 1 Young (sounds a bit Wicked Witch of the West) Coconut, meat optional.
Process then add:
A Good Dollop of Black Strap Molasses.

If you stop here and fridge this product, you have a white chocolate mousse, for those of you who like your Chocolate a little KKK, go no further. For the Black Panthers among you, get cracking on adding:
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup carob
And slowly add water in increments to the blending if the colour is too white, more cocoa and currants can also be added to get the colour a nice solid black. Freeze this mix. Slice it. Eat it all. Share with no one. Even if a semi starved orphan child appears at your doorstep with welts and eyes that are all anemia, put out the stale tim tams and horde this one all for your greedy selves!

Fudgin' Hell. This is for all you moaners and groaners. Sample Fudgey Wudgey from the Self Serve Suveran Fridge. Thank God it's self serve, allow cool fridge air to billow over your anticipating mug while you pinion your gaze into all the available slices and detect the fattest, and therefore most sumptuous, little oblong of sugar free tooth sex. They melt if you leave them out for too long, so purchase ample slices for friends which you will, unfortunately, have to consume yourself because they will (not so sadly) melt on your way to meeting them. Amandus Ex Machina.

Suveran just rocks. Beyond chocolate and bread (and I didn't think there really was anything beyond chocolate and bread, per se), purchase amazing herbs for tea, ancient seeds and spices for cooking. For $3, which is the cost of a One-Foot-In-The-Grave-Flat-White, get a young coconut hacked to its milky death in front of you, sip its young blood lesiurely, like a tropical Dracula, before you return the dry carcass back to the Resident Hacker for the shelling of the inner meat: delicate, slippery folds of lovely coconut scented, ivory flesh, beckoning you to gobble it all up.

Order some herbal tea, buy some unpasteurized goat's milk, some beautiful raw porridge to take some, some house made guacamole or beautiful raw nut dips. Buy mineral bursting Himalayan salt, in pink or black, magnesium for your skin and for your cooking, beautiful oils and lotions and seeds.

The menu includes hearty lamb, chicken and vege stews, crepes, salads, burgers, smoothies, and other healthy treats, like muesli slices and muffins and brownies. It's all made fresh in front of you, all organic, all sprouted, all loved up cooking with spunky ingredients and little pinches of this and dashes of that to keep you smiling, glowing and knowing. Wellness water is free of charge to drink and used in all cooking, an energized and mineralized drop that high-drates you like nothing else. If you still can't chill out, let one of the friendly Suverans add a smidge of magnesium to your water to get you sipping it up sweet.

Good food, great products, great recipes and all so reasonably priced you'll think it's Bangalow and not Sydney. Massages, ear candling and nutritional advice are all available on request. There are $1 flyers for sale with info on everything from eating alkaline food to the facts behind carbon dioxide. A meal, an ambience and an education. Cooking classes run Saturday afternoon, twice a month, grab some friends and head down.

Pete, who runs the show here, is an interesting lad to have a bit of a chat with. He thinks we should be having about 3-6 bowel movements a day. I am going to stick to my meager daily tally, which is no where near that. 3-6 a day, where would we find the time to trek into the junction for our daily dose of fudgey wudgey? Priorities, Pete, Priorities.

Many chocolate toothed thanks to Jaimee and Megan S for the tip off!

Suveran, at 244 Oxford St Bondi Junction (Opp Macro), Ph 369 4040, website here.

Breville Seconds, at 46 Wattle St Ultimo, ph: 9660 8217

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

for the love of GOD...

Hey guys. My ability to get a consistently functioning internet service is about as successful as Whitney Houston's inter-nasal septum reconstruction surgery following her prolonged cocaine useage. I am trying to sort out the kinks, there are lots of pieces waiting to go, especially an exciting new Bondi Junction venture that is set to become one of the best healthy foodie finds I have chanced upon in the longest time. Give me another week or two to sort it out, then it's time to kick off twothousandandfine! I miss you. How are you all? Plastic Fantastic, are you still out there?

x a.