Thursday, January 8, 2009

the course of true love never did run quite so smooth

Glass noodles at BBQ City are a bit like the relationship between Dan and I: copious, slippery, steamy, difficult to manage, but so bloody delicious you just keep coming back for more. Time apart has been good for us, it's allowed us to 'mature as people', to appreciate the other from the clarity of distance, to grow into the idea of one another and the love we happened upon nearly 2 (fateful) years ago. More importantly, cruel breakups have an amazing plus side that I never knew about: in the aching chasm of the divide you're forced to seek out new horizons, new people, new things, new places... can you see where I am going with this? Lo and Behold! The Glass noodles at BBQ City. Dan discovering these noodles has made all the painful nights where we wept into an echoless emptiness and the soul destroying days of the last 4 months, all incredibly worthwhile. It's simple anatomy, kids: nothing fixes a broken heart like a singing belly.

Daniel Chaim Goldstein needs no introduction, he's the love of my life, my alter ego, the brat on the other side of the my bed, the twiddledee to my twiddledum, the lovely noose to my willing neck. He is the Uber-Chemist, jackjohnsonwillsmithish sleepy spaghetti breathed surfer with the deep voice and the even deeper eyes, someone I will never quite be done with figuring out, the single most cataclysmic thing I have ever encountered. Despite the fact that no one has died, not yet anyway, Romeo and Juliet had nothing on us. Dan and I make those star cross'd lovers look like they had the most stable, solid and rational relationship. Love it or hate it, looks like we're stuck with each other, which may be a good thing, given that I never would have started this blog without him. 

I can't lie to you though, this whole time, we've both been having a wee bit of a sordid affair: It was during our travels in Japan, especially, and Hong Kong, to a lesser extent, that our love for the other was both firmly and finally eclipsed by our Love of The Noodle. Noodles: generous, swirly, steaming, chilled, chewy, soft, thick, thin, slurpy, messy, slippery, clumping, filling. They truly are a joyous food. A bit like Paris Hilton, they can be had in so many different ways it really is quite delightful. I am always on the hunt for a new way to enjoy noodles, and BBQ City is one place where they are happening in the most luscious way. Cake + knifelings, meet the Jap Chae: Korean potato noodle tummy love at it's slithering best.

These noodles are equal part fun, equal part utter deliciousness. They are vegetarian, with large globs of beautifully sauteed fungus, and they feature the most delectable potato noodle I have ever slurped this side of the Asia Pacific Rim. Dan went all glassy eyed as he told me about this equally glassy little noodle dish. For eleven dollars you can take your mouth on a veritable Route 66 of taste and texture. They come to you in a big steaming plate about 2.3 seconds after you've ordered them, the speed of the service is a good thing given that the arduous and cumbersome task of hooking slippery noodles onto silver chopsticks delays the anticipated moment when your teeth and your tongue sink into and around these serpentine beauties, and when they do...'s heaven. Chewy-slippery-mushroom-spiked-sweet-savoury-lick-your-lips-quick-quick-rub-your-belly heaven. The way you eat good noodles is rather different from the way you eat other food. Most food can be thoughtful, a little bite here, a subtle lick there, a pause, a lean back in the chair, a gentle swivel of the delicate red... not so with the no nonsense noodle, they're more action packed than Chuck Norris vs Jet Li. 

Noodles demand to be eaten with jolly, ravenous, light hearted haste, and always a little sheepishly, because no matter how Neat You Eat, the struggle with the bounty that heaves off the end of your chopsticks is inevitable. Indeed, its the whole entire point. Noodles are not coy or come hither, certainly not first date food or fodder for anyone you wish to impress. Slurp them only in front of you people who you know and love, people who hold you dear in their hearts, people who already respect you so little that the sight of you with noodles incessantly dangling from your ailing but giddy mouth won't result in you wondering as to why you never got a second date. Such glorious, fun filled food... rest assured, if you're not hungry when you start eating noodles, I swear you'll become hungry during them. When they're done well they're so good they practically eat themselves, and BBQ City does these noodles very, very well.

If you're still not convinced, that's the adorable array of little supporting side dishes that descend upon your table as soon as you arrive. None of them are about to win BBQ City a Chef's Hat any time soon, but they're generous, yummy and free! After all of my previous Crown Street Credit Card Debacles, that is such a welcome and wonderful treat.

So, come one, come all, to BBQ City at level 1, 116-120 liverpool st Sydney (ph: 9267 5155), bring some people you adore and experience this dish. Just like a great relationship, food can be so much more of an experience when it's touched with a little chaos and and a lot of mess.
I love you, bub.

Happy 2009, everyone! 


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Awwww...... what a wonderful tribute. and some nice words said about your man as well :)

Howard said...

Best post ever regarding glass noodles, guaranteed!

Debzillah said...

Your writing is soooooooo romantic, I'm in food blog heaven :)

I also really love that you're not afraid to get personal and share parts of who you really are and that it's not all just about the food.

You've made my morning :) You're going in my RSS feed next to notquitenigella, grabyourfork, and my first food-blog-love: jenius.