Monday, November 10, 2008

A Spot of Tea with Jesus

If you read the last post (and there are no comments, so I don't know if you did), you know where to take the Dark Lord out when he's feeling like a mighty fine meal. But what does one do if Jesus pops by, unannounced, and declares himself rather peckish and in the mood for a spot of afternoon tea? He's far too pure for some processed cupcakes, entirely too unenglish for just a sandy or two, and much too ravenous for mere fruit, dying for your sins is hard, hungry work, people! Well, I never like to be unprepared for any event, especially the Second Coming of Christ, that's why I always keep some Pure Life Biodynamic Essene Bread in the fridge, and i'm going to tell you why you should too.
You've already heard my little rantings and ravings on the enzyme inhibitors in grains, and how they necessitate proper preparation in order to be easily metabolised, well this is a sprouted grain bread, which means that the preparation has already activated the ingredients you are about to consume. Essene bread puts Tip Top to shame. It even makes Burgen Soy and Linseed blush a little in fluffy inadequacy. This is the thickest, most fiber filled, protein rich, loafy, nutty, beautifully simple bread you ever tried. 

Even if you're starting with a more nutritionally wholesome grain like rye, the processing that all grains go through to become the soft bread that you smear your morning Hanks Jam over, is really nothing thats going to make your alimentary canal too chuffed. It's not just what bread contains but what the contents endure in the process of becoming bread that compromises the nutritional content of any good BLAT. Processing grains too finely breaks them down into mere fluff. Fluff might be what your head wants on a pillow, or what your first year philosophy professor is expecting in your essay on the Socratic Method, but it's not what your intestines are gunning for. Roughage is actually visceral to the dynamism of the digestive system. Like our muscles when we give them something hard to pull or lift (heh), our digestive system likes something harder to work against, it stimulates it and keeps it working optimally, and traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners are, in my opinion, right to believe that the stomach is the 'cauldron' of good health, vitality is won or lost there.
Bread is ubiquitous food. Sometimes toast is the best thing you can come up with in the morning, this is a great way to do a smarter version of an easy thing. Essene bread is really good for you, especially if you're a blood type O, it's one of the few grains that actually works really well on your particular system. I actually prefer this stuff to normal bread. Such simple ingredients, grain, salt and water. There is a Supreme version, a wheat, a spelt, a rye, a kamut, a wheat and date, a wheat and walnut. They taste sweet in a bland way, you actually taste the nuance of the individual grain, they're beautiful. Kind of like cakebread, but great for you.

Not that this is influencing my opinion at all, but you need to WET a SHARP knife before you CUT into the hellishly dense loaf in order to be able to wean off a slice for your toasting pleasure. God. Satisfying much? The bread dries out easily, keep the plastic wrap it comes in and use an elastic to secure it closed again and keep it in the fridge for up to a month.

The best combination I have come up with is 100% Melrose Almond Butter with Manuka or Forest Honey, or Almond Butter with Triple Berry Hanks Jam. Avocadosaltpepperlemon work as well. It's a little too thick and cumbersome a bread to do a sandwich with, but use it as a base for creative little concoctions of your own filthy imaginations. Nutella and Banana are my own case in point.
They haven't changed the recipe since the time of Jesus. Cheeses christ. Unlike David Hasselhoff, if it's still around it's got to be worth trying. 

If you're greedily lusting after some, can't steal any and are sick of coveting your neighbours, then head to the fridge section of almost any health food shop and buy your very own loaf. Its a great way of eating wholegrains especially if you don't have the time to be soaking pots of brown rice. It's so good, he's coming back for it!


Anonymous said...

"Unlike David Hasselhoff, if it's still around it's got to be worth trying."

You should quit your day job and write foodie slogans / tag lines (I just found out that slogans and tag lines are entirely different things. Who knew!)

On the topic of toast, Nigel Slater says: It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you....Once the warm, salty butter has hit your tongue, you are smitten. Putty in their hands.

Toast me up, I say.

Anyway, I've seen this baby around. Haven't had the chance to try it (or the maple spelt sonoma either, dammit why is it so hard to find time to grocery shop!) but it sounds superb. On the topic of healthy grains, have you ever cooked with quinoa? I'm a fan, it's got the nicest ever-so-subtle bite to it.

amanda said...

hey charmaine, not only can i cook with quinoa, i can say it! it did take me a while though. i have a qunioa pasta as well thats nice too. what do you cook it with?

Anonymous said...

hey good to chat to you last night sorry if i was a bit scattered, damn moony fullness...

did you get the story out of foo?

quinoa pasta? that sounds awesome!

there is a great great website where i've gotten quinoa (and other) inspiration from. the lemon-scented quinoa was tasty, but a bit oniony + garlicky i think. i'm going to try 'heather's quinoa' next...

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda.

I think here we may take a path to a different loaf. Dunno about this one, but I'm willing to try it on your recommendation. It doesn't even look like bread to me, it looks like a brownricepatty, and I dislike brown rice a lot. It doesn't look very sturdy either - it has that look that it might crumble just by threatening it with a toaster, let alone lifting it up and dumping it into a slot. :-) Nice piece of writing though!

amanda said...

you dont like brown rice? brown rice is the best brown thing of all time? it might be too bland for you, try the supreme one but cut it thick or what you fear may happen in the toaster most definitely will.

Anonymous said...

Excellent entry, and thanks for the pics and the description! I'm a huge Essene bread fan and this entry is the most convenient entry to which I can point people to find out about it.

amanda said...

wonderful stuff, huh. glad you enjoyed x