Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cake To Go

C + K is on the move again, new HQ: Surry Hills. Not sure if you can call SH greener pastures, what with all the rodents, homeless people and traffic, but I am excited. The bad news is, the wonderful place I am moving in to is ovenless. Yeah. Not so good. But, the housemates are so lovely and warm hearted that I am thinking if I can just get them to stand near a tin of uncooked flourless cake mix, extremely still and for long enough, they will cause the cake to rise by sheer osmosis. The dangerous news is that I am moving smack bang into the middle of the most concentrated square mile of eating out spots in Sydney, for the first few weeks at least, you might see more reviews than usual. I have friends who read this that don't really do the eating out thing, don't worry, i'll keep cooking (stovetop style) and cranking out some ideas for you. 

The amazing news is, I will now be closer to The Earth Cafe. I'll only have to get up at 6.45am or so to make the 7am start, thats 30 minutes more sleep! Tragic, but true.

Should be back up some time in the next week, if you never hear from me again, it's cause I died at Mohr Fish, right around my new corner, from how crispy the hot chips were. If anyone needs to discuss food (lunatic style), in the meantime, Ms Eggers will be scheduling chats in between root canal surgeries. 


Anonymous said...

Yes and it'll be called "the root + the canal, a microbacterial story." The blog within the blog. Too bad my forte is within the 'leave your comment' section and there is minimal original information. I wouldn't want to lower the status of your blog amanda, but I'll be more than willing to comment once you're back on track with the writing. May I suggest an armamentarium that includes a convection microwave? Can you cook a cake in a Weber? Maybe you could just stick to damper over the hot coals. Do they also have an icebox instead of a fridge? A washboard instead of a washing machine? Hope the exams went well.

Can you recommend a butcher that does nice xmas hams that aren't going to cost me $200 (Hudson Meats).

amanda said...

i am going to have you over to my new place for tea, we live next door to a convent which means i am going to have to muzzle you first. i have no idea about baking a ham, i am a single girl, who the hell do i have to bake a ham for! we need to exchange numbers and be physically in contact this week, dont forget your knife, now..