Friday, June 20, 2008

nacho, nacho man

Im reproducing this in its original form, as an email to my boyfriend working late at the labs, its a recipe for nachos, something I dont mind every now and then. This was an attempt to make them healthier, all organic ingredients, lots of coriander lime and olive oil and adzuki beans, which are a bit more delicate than most of the beans more commonly used. Upon tweaking the recipe the second time around, i added a thin layer of grated cheese above the beans and under the corn chips as well as on top of the chips, it gave a much creamier texture and made up for the absence of sour cream (too much needless dairy). 

Amanda: Picture it. you start with sauteed onions and coriander root in some high class hookerish biodynamic olive oil, to which you add some comfortingly nutty adzuki beans (which have been soaked a while) and a few slivers of flame inducing chili, this is all cooked over a modest type of heat until it is a dry and olfactorally (not a word) orgasmic concoction of steamy simmering mexican potential. You add this base to a baking dish which you top with layers of crisp organic corn chips that you then caress with the gentle whisperings of grated organic bakes into and through itself while you do the following: murder some purple onion, a verdant bush of cunning coriander, some unconvincingly ripe avocado, olive oil, envy green lime and a plethora of pepper praise and sea salt. You monster mash it, you remove the little oven sealed treasure, you have your bowl of spicy green on one side, and in slow motion, under a sunken sun, like the full warm kiss of dizzied lovers...the two meet: and there is melting and falling and dying and being born again. AKA I made yummy nachos!

Dan: Im coming home.

For the recipe (organic or not):

2 cans of adzuki beans (soak overnight, to enhance the way they metabolize)
1 big bunch of coriander (roots included)
Grated cheddar (as much or as little as you like)
1 white onion
1 purple onion
Chili (go by what works for you)
Corn chips (get really good quality ones here, too many nasties otherwise)
2 avocados
2 limes
sea salt (i love maldon)
pepper (the cracked kind)
olive oil, for cooking and raw with avocado

These absolutely rock. I have a photo of them which i havent figured out how to upload yet, so use your imaginations!


dannygoldstein said...

These are the best nachos I have ever eaten!

sealegs said...

sounds yum. do you do international deliveries?

amanda said...

to everywhere except chile!

Aimee said...

sounds yummy! i gotta say though, i can't resist the sour cream!

Aimee said...

what about the salsa?!?!?